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Resolutions for 2013

Posted on January 2, 2013 at 8:10 PM


Yesterday was officially the start of a new year. What did you do? I sat on the couch from the time I woke up until the time I went to bed. It was marvelous. Almost everyone I know has, or is setting up, some resolutions for themselves. I hate to jump on that train BUT it is such a great way to kick off a new year!


2012 thanks for playing but it’s on to another round! Let’s all give it up for 2013!!! 2012 didn’t bring us flying cars or houses in the sky, and let’s be fair 2013 won’t either, but it did help pave the way for where we are today!


My personal resolutions for 2013 are (in no particular order) as follows:

~ Get down to my goal weight! 100lbs down only 50 more to go!

~ Live a healthier life and have a healthy home

~ Figure out what I want from life – where do I see us in the next 5 years, where do I see this blog going, where do I want to be personally in everyday life.

~ Nail down my ‘career path’ (if you can even call it that HA!) and really mull over what I want to do when I grow up (<- lame!.... can’t I stay young forever!?)


So now that I have told you my resolutions, what are yours?


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