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DIY Glitter Keys

Posted on January 15, 2012 at 7:20 PM

I dont know about you but Pinterest totally fuels my crafty side NON STOP. My 'Pinspiration' today was this pic -



I got out all of the supplies needed for the project and got started!


Use the rubbing alcohol to clean the keys of really good - both sides.


You dont HAVE to do this step but I wanted to make sure this glitter wasnt going anywhere. I used my Bonder/base nailpolish to add an extra layer for the Mod Podge to stick to. Simply paint a thin layer and let it dry.


Now that they are ready for the glitter its time to chose some colors....


Here are the 4 I picked. 2 green and 2 blue.


Using a brush paint a thin layer over the entire part of the key that you want glitter on.


Thankfully my keys fit perfectly into the small trays of glitter so I didnt have to dump any out and make and even bigger mess. But if push came to shove I would have just dumped it out and made a pile of glitter in the tray.



Do one layer for all of your keys and let them dry up. Once they are dry (I waited like 10mins) its on to layer #2! Paint another thin layer of glue and dip into glitter and then let them dry.



Once the glue was dry I used the end of my scissors to tap the sides of each key to get rid of any loose glitter. Then I painted a very generous layer of clear nailpolish on every surface that the glitter was applied on. It seemed like the glitter soaked up the clear polish so on some spots I added extra (you will be able to tell if it needs more. It kinda looks dull in those spots.) The polish dried in about 10 mins or so and they were set to go!


Here they are all done!





I love them to pieces!!! So glittery and cute! I had all the stuff on hand so this lil' project didnt cost a dime (if you want to know - I got the glitter from the dollar bins at Michaels). With all the dry times for each layer, I think at most, this took about 30 mins. You could do them in ANY color glitter you can find, and quite frankly, I think any color would look great!


Give it a try - you wont be disappointed! -

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Reply Anne
9:09 PM on January 17, 2012 
So cute! I am definitely going to do this to my keys.
Reply Brittany
2:56 AM on January 18, 2012 
How fun! I love this idea! I found you through Craftomaniac. Thanks for sharing!
Reply Miranda
10:06 AM on January 18, 2012 
Oh my!! I love glitter and these are fabulous!
Reply Anne
11:50 AM on January 18, 2012 
I am also going to link to this project on my blog: http://abletosleep.blogspot.com/
Reply Elle
3:57 PM on January 18, 2012 
Did the glitter wear off after carrying the keys around on you keychain?
Reply audra
6:12 PM on January 18, 2012 
These are SO cute and practical!! Thanks for sharing at The Kurtz Corner! Sharing these on The Kurtz Corner Twitter and Facebook account!
Reply maggie
7:48 PM on January 18, 2012 
precious!! i am so excited to do this.
Reply Jessica
8:20 PM on January 18, 2012 
I have been using the keys all week and havent had any issues with the glitter coming off. The clear nailpolish really sealed it in nicely. Now I didnt put them on a standard key chain - I was afraid that putting them throught the metal would cause it to chip or fracture - so I used some doubled up twine and tied it on to my key ring. You can kind of see it in the last pic. So far so good!
Reply lindsi
12:16 PM on January 20, 2012 
How have they held up over time? I love this post! I found you on Tip Junkie! I would like to invite you to share this post with our readers for Fun Stuff Fridays. http://www.toysinthedryer.com/2012/01/fun-stuff-fridays-7.html
Reply Jessica
3:06 PM on January 20, 2012 
So far they have held up just fine!

lindsi says...
How have they held up over time? I love this post! I found you on Tip Junkie! I would like to invite you to share this post with our readers for Fun Stuff Fridays. http://www.toysinthedryer.com/2012/01/fun-stuff-fridays-7.html
Reply Janet @ I HEART My Glue Gun
3:07 PM on January 20, 2012 
What a WONDERFUL idea!!! I LOVE this, I Might need to borrow it! AWESOME!!
Reply Melanie
3:10 PM on January 20, 2012 
What a neat idea. Glad to have you at Things I?ve Done Thursday!

Reply Jennifer Jayne
9:24 PM on January 20, 2012 
I too am COMPLETELY ADDICTED to Pinterest! and I LOVE your "blinged out" keys! I started a linky party just for pinterest inspired projects! And I'd love it if you'd link your project up to my Pinned it, Made it party :) Its for all pinterest inspired projects! http://findingmywayintexas.blogspot.com/2012/01/pinned-it-made-it
Reply the monko
6:58 AM on January 21, 2012 
when i saw these on the fun friday link up i thought "they look great but that glitter is going to come off in my handbag and cover everything", so I am really glad I clicked through to view the tutorial. Clear nail polish - Very Clever! Now I can have sparkley keys and not look unprofessional by pulling my note pad out at work and spraying my colleagues with glitter and fairy dust!
Reply Jennifer
11:59 AM on January 24, 2012 
Thanks for linking up at Pinned it, Made it Fridays! Your gorgeous keys were featured :) Besure to pop by and grab a button :)
Reply Anita
11:58 AM on January 25, 2012 
Thanks so much for linking this at Doggone Dirty Craftin last week. You are going to be one of our features in tomorrow's party. Come by and grab a feature button!
Reply Michaela
9:46 AM on January 27, 2012 
These are so fun! They look like they would make your key chain so much more exciting!
Reply Sarah
11:32 AM on January 27, 2012 
LOVE this! Nothing like a little bling to your keys. :) Thanks for sharing.

Sarah @
Reply Kara
12:07 PM on January 27, 2012 
I love this!! I'm definitely going to do this! I would love for you to share here:
Reply Marilyn
4:54 PM on January 29, 2012 
I plan to have my grand children help me make these keys for them to give to their mom & dad for valentines "they are the keys to our hearts"