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Time to tan!

Posted on April 10, 2014 at 6:30 PM

It is FINALLY warming up here and I am SO happy! But with that warm weather comes capris, flip-flops, dresses, and shorts...and that means showing some leg! Which is all well and nice..unless you have pasty white legs like me. I occasionally tan (calm down! I don’t go ALL THE TIME and it’s my ‘me time’) but my legs never seem to get any color. I have heard of St. Tropez before from various blogs, but not by anyone I actually know in person so that I could see it in action. I read some reviews, watched some videos, and finally bit the bullet and bought some. Ulta has a money back guarantee, so if I hated it, I could return it. A quick stop at Ulta and $45 later I was ready to go.



I posted this pic to FB and Instagram with requests for a full review - and here you have it!



Ok, first off, I love this stuff.

Check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCzBJ4Z4RI0" target="_blank">this video and watch how she applies the mousse.

The smell is nice and doesn’t bother me at all.

I have only used on my legs and feet. The rest of me takes a tan quite nicely.

I have used it 3 times now and my legs now match the rest of my body, lol.

Shave at least an hour before using.

Scrub down the area you are going to apply it too before you use. I just used warm water and sugar.

Be sure to moisturize your knees, toes, ankles, and any other crazy dry spots really well.

It dries super quickly and leaves no sticky residue.

Wash out your mitt with warm water and soap as soon as you are done.

I use about 3 pumps per leg section - 3 from knee to foot and 3 from hip to knee.

DO NOT SKIMP! Buy the applicator mitt! (mine was free with a large bottle of mousse)

Be sure to buff it in really well and work quickly. This will help cut down on any potential streaks.

I will buy it again and I would HIGHLY recommend it to ANYONE.


Pardon the crappy leg/foot pics, but DUDE it is hard to get good bright shots of your own legs lol! I have had multiple people tell me how nice and natural it looks.



My recommendation? Buy it and use it as fast as you can. If you don’t like it, return it, and wear pants for a couple days.


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